Thank you for your interest in giving to our organization.  Your generosity is what allows us to fulfill our mission!

We are very excited to announce that during the holiday season Outside the Box will be having our second annual Giving Tree.

The Giving Tree is a tree that allows YOU to learn what our facilitators and participants at Outside the Box need. This also gives YOU a unique opportunity to make an impact in our participants’ lives. Outside the Box will have paper ornaments of what donations are needed hanging on the tree.

Please come by the front lobby from November 13th-December 14th to pick out an ornament. Please return the donation by December 17th.  If you cannot make it in but would still like to participate please find the links below of all the donations that have been requested by our employees. Outside the Box will gladly accept new unwrapped items or monetary donations to be able to purchase the item (we accept cash, check, or credit card). Please return the attached form along with your donation to Kristin Mays.

Needs for all Facilitators Wish List

Animals Wish List

Art Studio Wish List

Badgers Wish List

Celebrities Wish List

Chameleons Wish List

Climate Committee Wish List

Clydesdales Wish List

Coordinators Wish List

Curriculum Wish List

Dolphins Wish List

Dreamers/Dreamsicles Wish List

Eclipses Wish List

Goldfish Wish List

Grasshoppers Wish List

Heroes Wish List

Hummingbirds Wish List

Icicles Wish List

Lightning Bolts Wish List

Magnets Wish List

OTB Works Wish List

Rainmakers Wish List

Silver Bullets Wish List

Snapdragons Wish List

Staff Support Specialist Wish List

Swordfish Wish List

Wild Things Wish List


To make a monetary donation online, click the “Donate Now” button below.  Is there something specific you would like your donation to go to? Click here to email OTB’s Director of Director for more information!


Some specific things that we can use include:

  • Copy paper
  • Toilet paper
  • Sweatpants with drawstrings in adult sizes
  • Reams of colorful paper to print off calendars
  • Gift certificates for experiences (the Zoo, Dave and Buster’s, museums, etc)
  • Talents (are you a Mary Kay consultant? Balloon artist? Expert gardener? We love to invite talented members from our community to come in a put something special together for our participants. Please contact Cassidy Britton if you would like to volunteer a special talent of yours.)
  • Office Supplies
  • Rolling Office Chairs
  • Microwaves
  • Trash bags

Studio needs include:

  • House paint in fun & interesting colors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brushes!
  • Black sharpies of all widths
  • Canvases
  • Watercolor paper
  • Drawing paper
  • High and low fire ceramics clay


To donate any of these items, please contact the office at (317) 253-6658 or

Thanks again for thinking of us!


Outside the Box Staff