Staff Stories

Outside the Box is an exciting and rewarding place to work. Our staff participants come from a variety of backgrounds and have each been touched by OTB in a unique way. We believe that OTB is place of personal and professional growth for each person involved in our program, including our staff. We believe everyone can meet their goals and reach their greatest potential. The stories from our staff are both heartwarming and inspiring!


Amber Owsley

My experience at OTB was a life changing one. I never expected to be in the field of working with people with developmental disabilities. I feel so blessed to have worked in the field because from working at OTB I learned that patience and consistency was the key to success. You never know how much patience you have until you have 8 people needing 8 separate things from you at one time. OTB without a doubt is like a family. Although at times it may seem a little dysfunctional, we always came together no matter what to get things accomplished. My heart warming moment from OTB was when my group came together and worked as a whole and not separate parts. Also watching people who were struggling with different things make huge successes. OTB taught me that in the moment you may not see the light, but keep up with it and you will. You never know whose life you will impact with such a small but sincere gesture of friendship and caring! I am thankful for OTB for so many different reasons but for opening my eyes and heart to an awesome community of people who need the love and support that OTB offers. I may have changed some of the participants lives, but little do they know, they drastically changed mine!

Emmy Lutes

OTB has made me soft. It has opened my heart and made me have so much joy and overflowing with so much love I didn’t know was possible. You form special relationships with people here; coworkers, families and participants, and that is a feeling that can never be replaced. It is a job that you enjoy going to. Yes, there are hard and stressful days, but just having a participant saying “Hi, Emmy!” when they first see you in the morning makes it all worthwhile. We change lives here. We are the most important people in some of their lives, and that is a feeling that is indescribable. There is no question OTB has made me a better person and has changed my life.

Ian Parrish

My experience at OTB has been…monumental. OTB as a whole has really brought about a positive change in myself; inside those OTB walls, and definitely outside. The support that is given to staff is reflected and shown in turn by group facilitators working with group participants. I’ve worked with a few companies over the years, in a couple different states, and can honestly say that OTB is at the top of the “I genuinely care about your growth and independence” list for everyone, from the participants to the staff and administration, positivity and growth is in abundance.