Volunteer Stories

We love our volunteers!

Kirsten is one of our regular volunteers, and shared part of her story with us!


As a volunteer over the past two years at OTB, I have truly enjoyed the time I have spent here and the friends I have made here!  The best part about volunteering at OTB for me is the smiles I receive when I enter the building!

My inspiration to volunteer came from an experience I had in sixth grade.  My teacher had recommended me to help care for a girl with Down Syndrome.  I babysat Brooke and her brother for 4 years before I had to move.  At my new high school, I spent one class period a day volunteering in the special needs classroom.

As an adult I always felt drawn to give back to my community in some way and a good friend and I were discussing volunteering together but we needed to find a place.  We found out about OTB and we quickly found ourselves in Kelly Hartman’s office devising a volunteer plan for us.

My friend, Teresa and I have tried to come in once a week or once every other week to “bump” an OTB employee to give the employee a two hour paid break.  This gives us a chance to work hand in hand with the OTB participants!  We love our time in the designated group rooms and enjoy getting to know each participant.  Whether we join in their planned activities, bring our own activity or hang out outside in the sensory garden, it all is time well spent giving and receiving lots of smiles!

I am grateful that OTB exists and I feel happy that I can be here periodically to be a part of this unique setting and program!